Friday, February 6, 2009

Ashraf Ghori on Xero Error | News | Sci Fi UK

Scifi UK interview on Xero Error a CG animated short film in the early stages of development. The site's already up and running, and looking very nice too, and pre-production looks to be well under way. X-E's creator Ashraf Ghori was on hand to talk about some of the issues they face creating a new vision of a futuristic world:

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Team Xero : Guy Harris voices Xero Error

January 25th - Voice over recording for Xero Error took place today at Tambi Studios. The multi talented Guy Harris provided the voices for the two lead characters, XE7 & FACET.

Guy Harris Web Site

Tambi Studios provided the recording facilities and editing for the session. DJ Rav is editing the audio.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sneak Peek: XE7 Model

Wanted to share some work in progress with you guys. XE7, our lead character in the film, is taking shape & we are very happy about it!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Team Xero : Focus on Stanislav Klabik

Stan is an exceptionally talented 3D artist from the Czech Republic who is doing 3D modeling work for Xero Error.

To make the XE7 Cyborg Model, We started off exchanging ideas & suggestions to make the model extremely dynamic & detailed. I did the base modeling and concept sketches. Stan did the detailed 3D model with textures.

View Stanislav's Portfolio on CG Society

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coming to a School near you

January promises to be a very exciting month for Xero Error. On the schedule is audio recording, storyboards, animatics & student workshops.

We will soon be announcing an event calendar for 2009 Student Workshops designed for schools, colleges & universities in the UAE area. The idea here is to share what goes into CG production with budding film makers of tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Team - Coming together

Some exceptional talents involved in Xero Error. We will be having detailed information about them in future posts.

Ashraf Ghori - Writer/Producer/Director
Mohammad Mondal - Production Manager / Co-Writer
Nizam Mohammed - Interface Design
Sheldon Rodriguez - Online Producer
Tambi Fernando - Score & Sound Effects
Amir Salehi - Matte Painting
Stanislav KlabĂ­k - 3D Character Modeling
Marco Iozzi - Production Stills Design
Vikram Reddy Koyya [& Team Voxel] - 2D Animation
Ibtisam Siddique - Creative Consultant - 3D Environments
Essam Chaechi - Creative Consultant
Tamas Tancos - Creative Consultant / Post
Waqqas Q Sheikh - Production Consultant
Nayla Al Khaja - Media Consultant
Thanks to Mike Oliver & Paul Hunt for helping with the script.


If you are a cool enthusiastic people person who is an 'organizing freak' then we need you! Xero Error needs a Production assistant to help us out. Write to us if you think you're the one, . Serious students welcome too.


Xero Error gets listed on Wikipedia on 22nd December 2008, 20 days after the official launch. Many thanks to Mark St. for the article.

Xero Error in the news

Xero Error is featured this month in the December issue of 'What's On' magazine. Interviewed Director Ashraf Ghori & Production Manager Mohammad Mondal. [Page 65 / Movies / New Releases]
Download PDF Version of writeup here [1.1 MB] (right click save as)

Xero Error is also featured in 'The Hollywood Reporter' during their coverage of the 5th Dubai International Film Festival

Download PDF Version of the Newspaper here [2.8 MB]

Ashraf Ghori was also interviewed by German Public Television in a special programme on UAE Film Makers.

More to come [IA]

Support from friends

Our friends on facebook have been very supportive and instrumental in the way Xero Error is shaping up.

Not only did we have support but heartfelt advice from professionals like Waqqas Q. Sheikh, a film maker based in Dubai. Waqqas really helped us open our mind that our goals should be very high in terms of production. It really helped raise the bar for production values on Xero Error.

Another friend Tim Bradstreet, Award winning Marvel/DC artist who really needs no introduction, shared his story of an animated movie he was involved with called 'Dear Anne'. He was the inspiration for us to reach out and involve amazing talents from the film industry.

Nayla Al Khaja helped us with insider information and gave suggestions to make the story more emotionally gripping, Dhruv Dhawan offered useful insights to marketing the film, Tragic Antihero gave a very realistic picture of what lies ahead, Mike Oliver & Paul Hunt helped with the script, Danish Farhan emphasized on keeping the audience guessing and not giving away too much too early, Kaser Mehmood & Bashar Atiyat are trying to get us hollywood actors to get involved in the voice acting, Syed Talha, Haris & Huzaifa Ghori are really spreading the word among their peers, top comic book industry professionals who took the time out of their busy schedules to give us encouraging words... So a big thanks to all stalwart companions [& those who I couldn't list here] making this possible.

Xero Error launches on 2nd December 2008

Xero Error was launched on Dec. 2nd 2008 to coincide with the UAE's 37th National Day. It was received very warmly with a lot of kind words of encouragement. Thank you all!